Letter to self 2.

Dear me,

In the beginning of this academic year I wrote you a letter where I told what I want to learn for all of these semesters. I learned a lot actually. I always wanted to know how to use cameras, how to edit all shoots how to create an idea for film, what is the most important aspects are and etc. And finally I can do that because I learned that group is very necessary in your work, that you have to trust them and need to work with them everyday, also that everything has to be with a meaning, that you have to know what is narrative of your story, who is your target people (audience) , what this idea represent, and what gender is it. I learned that signs language is very important as well. That everything has signs that everything has meaning! Also, I learned to create adverts, create film without sounds, doing magazine and zines and differences between them. All programs as Photoshop, Adobe premiere, InDesign helped me in these works. In my first letter I wrote that I want to learn Spanish. My dream came true! I had Spanish advantages module! I know a lot of new words and I know how to communicate in Spanish. I know that it is just basics but still I’m going to my dreams. This year was amazing in my life, I met new people, I did a lot of works with group and alone, I learned a lot of necessary things in my studies, I read a lot of books which improve my knowledge. Im so happy because of that.. I hope that next year will be that amazing maybe more then this. 🙂

Congratulations to finish your 1st year!

Your best friend, yourself.

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