Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ week event was at 2014 in mid-September. It was an one week long which demonstrate Coventry university for new students. In that week was a lot of activities for us, we could know more not just about university but also about Coventry. Week was organised quite good, all of us had a timetables where everything is and what time some activities or speeches will be. But the problem was that it was confused because my friends and I couldn’t find some places because we were new and we didn’t see any signs where should we go. But it was fun that we all had an opportunity to know each other, we went to different place, we will communicate not just with our course but with other faculties too. It was big event which helped us to integrate to Coventry university. Weather and time was really good and it gave plus for Freshers’ week. Everyone was enthusiastic and  happy because it was new start for all of us. Also, this event helped us to understand where will be 3 years and there is our home now. Furthermore, advertisement was really helpful to this event because it attracted more students. What influence has this event to me? This event helps me to realise that Im living on my own now. That home is far away, that university is not a school, that now Im building my own life, my future. Also, that I have an amazing opportunity to be here, in Coventry with a lot of other students who are from different countries. This event helps to meet new friends and colleagues who can change my life.

(If you want to quit, press title ‘Tea Time’ on the top)

Grade: 6/10


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