East Winds Film Festival

Event East Winds Film Festival was at 2014 31 of October, 1st and 2nd of November. Event was quite big because there was European premieres and it was in Coventry. This festival was organised, everything has a timetable and everything was on time. You had opportunity to see film’s directors and asked them questions about film about their work. Also, it was a place where everybody could learned something and knew more interesting things about filming and movies. Place was good and comfortable for all of us, cinema at Square 1. Also, there was a bar if people want to drink something before or after film. There was a lot of decoration like red carpet, posters which made a film festival atmosphere. A lot of photographers which took photos and interviewed directors before film had started. What was the best thing for me that festival time was really amazing. Because majority of these films were horror and festival was at Halloween time so it was double scary for me. East Winds Film Festival impressed me a lot maybe because I had never been in film festival before, but it let me felt like a famous person who got invitation to see a new films’ premieres with their directors and had opportunity to talk with them. It was unforgettable event. How this event change me? What did it give to me? This event gave me more knowledge about films, specially films from East. It helps to understand what I want to do later, that I really like to analyse films, to know how it was created and all details about it. I didn’t think before that I really like films especially horrors but after directors speeches I understood that films are really my passion. That I definitely learn more about them and it helps me to see that I didn’t make a mistake by chosen my course.

Grade: 8/10

(If you want to quit press title “Tea time” on the top )


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