Critical reflection on feedback

My term 1 was really excited but at the same time was difficult. First assignment was for Key concepts in Media and Communication and it was really interesting task to film short documentary film which includes all our key concepts where were learned in the class. We worked in the groups, and Im so glad that I had an amazing group. Actually, I think that we did it really good and I got 57% which is really good for me, it was my first work and first filming and I did it well. I got a good feedback which help me to know where I did my mistakes, and where I should make attention next time. Second my task was from Contemporary theories and it was so bad. Honestly, I tried to do my best and really read a lot of books, looked at a lot of examples. It was my first essay in English and I had a lot of problems with references. And I didn’t past, I got 38% . Actually, I think that I had to pass because I used a lot of good information and I had some examples which were suitable for topic. And I got not understandable feedback which is not explaining what I did wrong. So I was really disappointment about it. Overall, I should try to do my best next term and will pass all modules.

My term 2 was more interesting than first one. Assignments was entertaining and involving. First one was from 180MC module manifesto and essay. We worked in groups and we did really good manifesto about Equality. And I got from that 52%. Actually, I thought our group will get more and I little disappoint about that but then I was thinking again and decided that 52% is really good and it was just a first time when I was doing manifesto. Essay was going more easy then first term 60%. I happy for that because topic was more understandable I made a progress from term 1. Second task was from 182 MC module behind scenes video. I got 60%. I think because of my personal blog and maybe we didn’t use a lot of theories in our video. But overall, I think that it is quite good. Also, my group was not united and we had problems to work together but the result is quite good and I will have more experience for the next time and next video.

My term 3 was the best in all year. We had a really good lectures, there we got a necessary informations about our works, about topics. Also, we had workshops as well. There were important to our weekly’s tasks. We worked in the radio studio, had a camera training, learned how to use Photoshop and Premiere Pro, InDesign programs. It was really helpful for me because finally I learned how to use these programs. I loved this term because everything was really clear. Lecturers were really helpful and they talked very understandable in lecturers and seminars. Actually, seminars in lasts weeks were wasting of time because we just got tasks and didn’t do anything else. But overall, all weekly tasks was interesting and attracted. Radio advert was challenge for my group and me because we didn’t do that before. But I think we did it really good, it was our first work, was really a lot of ideas how to do that, maybe we wanted something more but we just didn’t know how to do that, but in the result it wasn’t really bad. Zines and magazines tasks was creative. We painted, wrote by hands, created designs. I liked to create zines, I got so many ideas and Im very happy that my group’s members accepted them. I hope that we will get good mark from all these works because I truly believe that we did a great job. We tried to do our best!

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