BBC Children in Need

I was in event at 12 November 2014 which was organised to donate money for disabled children and young people in the UK. This event was really nice and full of warmth which was spread from people’s hearts. There was a lot of people who has one purpose to donate money for children. Event was organised, has a lot of different activities. You could hear how people sang, how one of hero came down from Cathedral’s roof, you could hear how media asked famous Coventry people some questions, also there were Coventry rugby team, Cheerleaders and a lot of strangers who was with hero’s costumes. This event was good because it has everything what good event needs, first of all media, because it makes event more popular, famous people, teams who attracted more attention, activities for children and adults, good time and spacious place. However, bad weather(it was really cold) was a problem but people bought a warm tea and coffee. Event was successful because it was raising a lot of money, people were happy to involve to this event, and it was good to feel that warm atmosphere which was full of love and goodness. How this event change me or what influence it has for me? Answer is that It helps me to look to other side of people who helps each other, who are so nice for each other. It makes me feel so happy and full of joy when people show me how they collaborate for one reason to help children. I love children so much and If I have more money I will give everything for them. But this event helps me to understand that little things can do big things. I mean, If I give £5, £10 these money really will help for children. I couldn’t sleep that night because I took to much happiness from there.


(If you want to quit press title “Tea time” on the top )


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