Movie-review Wonder mama


Starring: Petrina Fung Bo馮寶寶, BabyJohn Choi 蔡瀚億

Writer, Producer and Director: Clifton Ko Chi-sum高志森

The producer and director Clifton Ko Chi- sum convey a real story to the movie. He used his own sister’s husband family story and inspired that story he made an amazing drama who shows the women’s life.

The movie is about the women who lives in the big life’s routine and who don’t found a peace.She is 50 years old women who lives with her parents who are having fight every day and who decided to divorce, teenager who is pregnant from dad. Also, her son employer about 30 years old lives with her too and the husband who is missing. Lady has to take her of all them and didn’t pay attention to herself. She is oppress from all these problems. And this film shows how is hard to fix it and make it better.

Film’s sounds and visual effects are not very special. They use just lyrics music in the quite parts, and big noisy who made dishes and parents shouting. Talking about visual effects , they are also very simply. Director choose to show real life without big visual or sounds effects.

The film was about 2 hours long. And I can’t to say that all parts were really interesting and involved. I missed women’s feelings what she thinks. Because all film was about women and how she lives in absurd’s day routine and how she can manage and endure. So I needed more women’s emotions and feelings.

In conclusion, I want to say that this film let me to think that some people live like that. They have a lot of problems and absurd in them life and they don’t have time to think about themselves, some people can’t fix these problems and live on. They just give up to routine.

(If you want to quit press title “Tea time” on the top )


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