Movie review- Teacher’s diary


Stars: Laila BoonyasakSukrit WisetkaewSukollawat Kanaros

Director: Nithiwat Tharathorn


The teacher’s diary is the an amazing drama which is inspired by love. This film was published and started to show 2014 March 20 in Thailand and it has a great rating in IMBd.

There is story about two teachers. One of them is female and other one is male. They come to teach in the same school but in different time. They have a lot of problems: house-school situation is very bad, house is break. But they don’t give up because of children. The film shows how people try to help for children who can’t go to the normal city’s school. One day man found a other female teacher’s diary and started to read. He tried to use her methods, use her words, use things what she did before. And then he wants to meet her and try to find her but unsuccessfully. And this story is interesting and existing because just in the film’s ending they will meet each other.

Talking about visual and sounds effects there is no very big. I mean, there are simply effect. For example visual effects is used when was raining and was a big storm. Sounds effects was also used at the same time, and they used background voices and music. These effects made a film more existing and beautiful.

Director showed a great drama where you can see human feelings, how people try to help children who don’t have a lot of money. How people love their job and don’t run away from it. In this drama you also can see relationships between female and male, between teachers and children. This story help to understand me that you have to love what you do and you happiness will come.

(If you want to quit press title “Tea time” on the top )


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