Filming a documentary

10799449_962220693792959_1590873255_n Our group and I get a task to film a documentary “Drive” film. So we have chosen to film about Coventry Cathedral. We found a lot of good historical facts about it and we started to film it. The work is really hard but also its very funny and interesting. This work helps us to learn to work as a group. A lot of ideas and thoughts are in our heads and we will try to show it in our first short documentary film. Work with the group actually have changed me because I need not just listen to myself but also I need to listen others people opinion and accept that. I thought that everything will be easy but I was wrong. I understood that I need to learn to do everything , learn to film, learn to work with the group, accept group member’s opinions, I learned that you need to work hard everyday,every hour, because you can’t do works in last minutes. It needs time. 🙂


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