Letter to self

Dear Kornelija,
Today I found out that the best way to talk with you is to write a letter. I just want to write down all my thoughts and all my future plans that you will remember me after years. Now, Im in Coventry, I study media and communications in Coventry university. I have chosen that because I love to communicate with people, talk a lot. How you remember me when I was a child I liked to make interview with my parents and friends and I loved to write. So I have a big opportunity to learn more about media and everything what is related with it. I want to learn more things about radio or Tv because my future plans is to work in BBC , so I want to get more experience and learn more theories that my dream will come true. I have to read more books which help to improve myself and I will know mere about new interesting and necessary things in media. I have to learn one other language – it will be Spanish- that I will have more possibilities to understand other countries’ media. I want to concern more about sport,photography,films that later I could write and discuss more about them. I really endeavor that all these task which I write will be complete.Thats it for now. I hope that I will be more closer to my dreams and I will know more about my course after year when I have to replay you. Good luck and follow your dreams,

Your other side.

(If you want to quit press title “Tea time” on the top )


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