The Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinet_of_Curiosities_1690s_Domenico_Remps copy

  • – it is one of my greatest link where educated people talk about interesting and relevant topics in nowadays. There is a lot of speeches which can inspire me and greater knowledge. is the site where I come everyday and listen to people where know more about new technology, design, entertainment, science, global issues because I want and need to know about these things. Specially, when Im studying  Media and Communications.  And every time when I listen these speeches I understand that I want to do something more and bigger , it inspire me to do things now , and don’t wait and waste time.
    Our brain batter of artculturesciencephilosophyspirituality and humoris designed to open your mind, challenge your friends, and feel damn good – this is how this website attracted me.  Here I always can find people conversations, speeches about art, culture and other. Im artist and I need more ideas I need more inspire myself. I don’t have a lot of money to go to museums or art galleries I just can everything found in one place and in one an amazing website. Futhermore, I can look their funny videos and understand how creative people are. Its really good and necessary website for me because here I can learn interesting things about media. 
  • – how website creator says : “The cure for eyeball boredom.” And its true. This website is about interesting and new things. Here I always found a lot of new modern inventions. I like that link because you can know what is going on in our world, what technology is famous, what people create. And it is very amazing because I always found some strange technologies and I laugh because I can’t imagine how people can create these funny and strange things. But Im so grateful for this website because they show me that your some maybe strange idea can be the best thing ever.
  • – its one of the amazing fashion website. Here I can know more about fashion , clothes, designers. Its very interesting for me because I really love fashion. When I read I always know what clothes and accessories are the most popular right now. Also, there is a lot of gossips about stars their dresses and their new staffs so it is attract me so much.

These links are very important to me because they all help to learn me more .about life, fashion, new technology, design and ect. It helps to improve myself.

(If you want to quit press title “Tea time” on the top )


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