Christmas is coming

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ”

Norman Vincent Peale

Christmas is the magical time when people want to be a better person to others. They want to help and be nicer to each other. It’s a time when people decorate their houses and streets with Christmas trees and lights and children make a lot of paper snowflakes and hang up it on their windows. It’s a time when stars shine more striking than other times. Children write letters for Santa Claus and parents hope that children’s wishes will be not so expensive because they want to fulfill their children dreams. From December 1st to December 24th everyone are waiting something special, something magical. It’s a great period to spend your time with your parents, close friends. It’s a time when nobody wants to be alone; people want to care for someone.

UCA university students who live in Farnham are preparing for Christmas too. They buy tickets to go home, they buy freaky and funny clothiers with Christmas details, they listen to beautiful Christmas songs for example like “Jingle Bells Rock” “All I want for Christmas is you” “Last Christmas” “Kaledos”. Students share a good spirit and mood with each other. All of them are so nice and helpful. They contribute with essays and other works because they understand that working alone in this period is the worst idea.

A lot of students come back to home for Christmas. They wait all year to go back home to meet their family and be served with grandmothers and mothers amazing and delicious food. They have a traditional food in their families. For example, one student Karina Saba from Foundation course said that her traditional food is Christmas Log Cake. Other student Stanley said that he couldn’t imagine Christmas dinner without turkey with rice because his mother has a brilliant recipe.

So everyone not only in Farnham but also in all world are waiting Christmas. All children are waiting for Santa Claus and hope that he will give them presents. Happy Christmas for everyone!


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