Everyone know that print and online newspapers are necessary in our lives.One part of the people read online newspapers because they haven’t a lot of time and they don’t want to have a lot of waste-paper in they house. Other people read a press because they haven’t a computer or they are  old beliefs that the best thing is reading news for print.

 Maybe you have never drawn attention that print and online have some differences.One of them is that articles have a different order.For example,news in the newspaper isn’t  the most important than to the online. Because online priority is the world news;however,print priority is local news. The Guardian print version hasn’t a world news in the first page.
But why have they differences? Why can they not be a same? Because online newspaper have a other audience than print. Local people buy newspapers because they want to know about events, problems, news in their local place. People who read news in Internet they want to know about all world, not just local news.

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